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Quality assurance of the national assessments

Commissioned by the Directorate for Teaching and Training,  Unit for quantitative analysis in education (EKVA) has been assigned the project of quality assuring the national assessments and several other tests.

About the project

The tests

There are a range of different national assessments targeting different subjects and different purposes in Norway. There are mandatory national assessments in Reading, Numeracy and English at 5th and 8th grade. The tests are low stakes and are implemented at the beginning of the school years in order to provide schools and teachers with information for decision making. In addition there are mapping tests in elementary numeracy and reading with the purpose of identifying students at risk. Also a number of other tests are under development and are in the phase of being launched or they will be soon launched. These are sample-based assessments, and after being normed in the population the tests are available for use for schools and teachers who would like to use them. These are tests for supporting grade decisions in Social science and Natural science, mapping tests of basic ICT skills and a test in writing across subjects.

Assuring the quality of the test

EKVA is responsible for

  • contributing in the development of the frameworks for the assessments and to
  • monitoring that the assessments are developed according to the frameworks

We are also expected to give advice for further development for all these assessments and the other material accompanying the tests (ie. reports to the schools and manuals for schools and teachers). The responsibility for quality assurance of the tests developed at EKVA are conducted by others.

Methodology for measuring trends over time

Through this project we are also involved in developing methodology for measuring trends over time based for Reading, Numeracy and English.

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