Open lecture: "Levelling up: Is it unethical not to use games in education?"

Welcome to an interesting hour with Professor Sara de Freitas.

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Professor of Virtual Environments at Coventry University, UK, Sara de Freitas. Photo. Private

About the lecture

Games are becoming part of mainstream education, but uptake in schools, colleges and universities is still slow, despite the positive findings from the research. This presentation considers why negative assumptions persist through a retrospective of the research of Sara de Freitas and her colleagues, and considers the ethical implications of these assumptions. The main research findings about using games in education will be considered from different disciplinary perspectives: cognitive science, neuropsychology and neuroscience, as well as computer and education science. Also, the presentation will consider different learning theories and approaches with a trajectory from traditional modes of learning to new learning and on to future learning, as outlined in her most recent book, which has recently come into paperback ('Education in Computer Generated Environments' published by Routledge).

The presentation will be of interest to those teaching in schools, colleges and universities, managers and senior executives in education and training, games researchers, developers and designers as well as students.

Sara de Freitas

Sara De Freitas is Director of Research and Professor of Virtual Environments at Coventry University. Sara was responsible for setting up the Serious Games Institute, a hybrid model of research, business and study, the first institute of its kind. She publishes widely in the areas of game-based learning, e-learning and education policy.

Published Apr. 12, 2019 5:35 PM - Last modified Apr. 12, 2019 5:35 PM