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Language development and patterns of language use among young dual language learners in the Oslo Early Education Study

The overall aim of this research project is to gain more knowledge about young Norwegian dual language learners’ language abilities and language development. How, with whom, and in which situations do these dual language learners use their languages - across age groups and over time?

Four-five-year old boy sitting at a table, playing. Adult woman sitting together with him.
Illustration: Shane Colvin/ UiO

About the project

This postdoctoral research project is part of the Oslo Early Education Study (OEES). The purpose of the OEES is to develop, implement and assess effects of an intervention aimed at preparing multiethnic early childhood education and care centers to support children’s language development and collaborate with parents.

The current project will have a particular focus on the young dual language learners’ language development and their language use. Planned studies will include examinations of: the children’s participation in decontextualized talk during shared book reading; the dimensionality and stability of the children’s language abilities; patterns of first and second language use and exposure across situations and interlocutors; as well as the effects of the OEES intervention on the children’s language development.


The Research Council of Norway

Published Apr. 26, 2022 11:07 AM - Last modified Apr. 26, 2022 11:15 AM