Ahus: Knowledge creation and production processes in transforming social practice (completed)

Ahus is a longitudinal, multi-level case study to explore a hospital's practice transformation, and in particular the contributions by a comprehensive, ICT-based knowledge infrastructure and a web-based learning environment.


The study follows and investigates ongoing change processes for knowledge creation and practice transformation towards equitable, patient centric care trajectories. Practice guidelines and web-based learning environments play a central role in these processes. Focusing on processes to consolidate practice guidelines and standardize repositories of nursing procedures provides insight into their processes to establish a comprehensive knowledge infrastructure. This Knowledge infrastructure is part of the platform that support transformation of practice.Utilizing and mobilizing resources to communicate applicability of the work description for their work processes helps understand processes when professionals are making the standardized resources relevant to their local practice. The hospital customizes also web-based learning environments to support their re-design processes. We explore how the professionals reason and negotiate around development and use available ICT-tool to design the web- based learning environment for on the job training and use it for competence development in nursing.

Theory and methods

The project is anchored in socio-cultural theory.This frame will structure the theoretical, as well as the empirical approach. Cultural historical activity-theory (CHAT) will be used for analyzing the individual actions in relation to the social environment. The empirical material is collected using video- and field observation, semi-structured interviews, analyzes of ICT-tool and central documents.


Akershus University Hospital

Funding and timeframe

Funded by:
KP-Lab (EU)
Akershus University Hospital
Norsk sykepleieforbund
Timeframe: 2006-2011

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Project leader Anne Moen