Knowledge Construction Across Work Settings (completed)

A PhD project focusing on knowledge construction across boundaries in work life and the design and use of ICT-tools as mediating means in everyday work and learning.


The aim of the project is to analyze how knowledge construction are supported in two different organizations and how ICT tools mediate these processes:

  • Studying how work across boundaries becomes productive during object construction in professional settings.
  • Studying tools in use as well as design, customization and introduction of new ICT tools.
  • Studying how stakeholders reason around knowledge construction, and how these visions are represented in the designs embedded in the tools.
  • Analyzing how these mediating means are used in everyday work and knowledge construction.

Theory and methods

The project is anchored in Sociocultural theory. This frame structure the theoretical, as well as the empirical approach. Cultural historical Activity-theory (CHAT) are used for analyzing the individual in relation to the social environment.
The project builds on two case-studies where I will follow the design, customization and use of computer-based tools in two different work settings:

  • The first case-study focuses on a small to medium technology-company which faces the challenges of geographical distribution and rapid expansion.
  • The second case is focusing on a large health-care organization seeking to change aspects of existing practice.

The two case studies correspond by the incentive of designing and using ICT-tools as means of supporting the collective knowledge construction in the organization.

Funding and timeframe

Funded by: Faculty of Education, UiO

Timeframe: 2006-2011

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Project leader Kathrine Amundsen Nygård


  • Kathrine Amundsen Nygård
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