In the research project ARK&APP (2013–2015) 12 qualitative case studies are conducted. The teacher’s choice and use of teaching and learning resources, as well as the students’ choice of learning resources are central to the project. The case studies highlight how teaching and learning resources are used in specific learning trajectories, by emphasizing their role in student-teacher interaction and how they foster student engagement and learning. Three research questions have guided the analyses in the 12 case reports:

  • How are educational resources used in teaching practices?
  • What role do various educational resources play in interactions between students and their teacher?
  • How do educational resources foster engagement and learning among students?


  English (as a Second Language) Mathematics Science Social science
Year 5 - 7

Case 9,

September 2015

Case 11,

December 2015

Case 12,

December 2015

Case 10,

September 2015

Year 8 - 10

Case 1,

January 2014

Case 4,

September 2014

Case 5,

January 2015

Case 3,

January 2014

Year 11

Case 8.

May 2015

Case 7.

May 2015

Case 2,

January 2014

Case 6,

January 2015

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