Teaching for text comprehension: Supporting young second-language learners’ text comprehension in urban multiethnic preschools in Norway (PreComp)

Although we know that the competencies (e.g. oral language skills) young children develop during the preschool years are of major importance for their reading comprehension and academic success in school, little is known about how preschools may prepare children for their future learning and text comprehension.


About the project

Particularly, there is a dearth of research on how to effectively enhance the emergent literacy growth of bilingual learners in preschool. The present project aims to fill this void - building on a conceptual model that considers bilingual text comprehension as a multidimensional and dynamic construct.

The project has two primary objectives

  1. To determine the immediate and long term effects of a shared book reading intervention designed to enhance bilingual learners` comprehension of text.
  2. To explore the growth of different language skills hypothesized to affect text comprehension and their relative role in predicting text comprehension.

The project also has two secondary objectives

  1. To develop knowledge with implications for professional development addressing how preschool teachers may aid in preparing bilingual learners for future learning and text comprehension.
  2. To disseminate the knowledge gained from the project to the research community, policy makers, educators and parents.

Project leadership

  • Professor Vibeke Grøver, Department of Education, University of Oslo
  • Dr. Veslemøy Rydland, Department of Education, University of Oslo

Advisory group

  • Lill-Kristin Mørch
  • Marianne Lindvær
  • Sigrunn Skretting
  • Carina Heiman
  • Merete Andersen
  • Eirill Mathisen

Research partners

  • Professor Catherine Snow, Harvard University
  • Professor Paul Leseman, Utrecht University
  • Professor Francisco Pons, Department of Psycholgy, University of Oslo

National collaborators

  • The Deichmanske Library, Oslo
  • Preschools in the greater Oslo area
  • The Faculty of Humanities and Education at Vestfold University College


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