CALIBRATE - Calibrating eLearning in Schools (completed)

About the project

CALIBRATE is organised to add value to the services provided for by national content portals and improve the ability of schools to easily locate and access a wider and more diverse collection of learning resources at an European level.


  • Carry out research into new ways to improve the semantic interoperability of learning resource descriptions
  • Further develop and implement a brokerage system architecture as the basis for a European Learning Resource Exchange
  • Develop an open source learning toolbox and explore to what extent IMS Learning Design is able to model collaborative learning processes and scenarios in order to support the collaborative use of learning resources
  • Validate CALIBRATE project results in up to 100 schools using an advanced validation methodology

InterMedia's role in this project:

  • to lead Work Package one on semantic interoperability
  • to research different Ministries of Education's approaches for mapping and associating national curricula
  • to research to which extent IMS Learning Design is able to model advanced collaborative learning scenarios


Funding and timeframe

Funded by: EU's 6th framework for research, Integrated Project

Timeframe: 2005-2008


  • LeMill: A Web community for finding, authoring and sharing learning resources (UIAH)
  • D 1.1.,IST-028205 (2007) Supporting tools integrated into LRE portal version3
  • D3.1, IST-028205 (2006) Empirical study of Learning Design
  • Hauge, T.E., Dolonen, J., Smordal, O. (paper in progress). Semantic structures of national curricula in European countries. A model for discovery of learning resources.
  • Dolonen, J., Hauge, T.E., Smordal, O. (paper in progress). Curricula and learning objects
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