NORPOL (completed)

Polish Higher Education and the European Higher Education and Research Areas. Comparative Analysis and the Transfer of Good Practices (2009-2011)

About the project

The project responds to the need of strengthened Polish-Norwegian cooperation in the area of higher education research and teaching and to the need signalled by Polish and international studies of higher education in Poland: how to strenghten its relatively weak integration with the European Higher Education and Research Areas.


The long-term objective of the project responds clearly to the FSS priorities: it is better functioning of Polish higher education on the basis of studies of well-defined themes within the analyses of higher education and the transfer of knowledge and good practices between Norway and Poland. The detailed goals include comparative analyses of the functioning of Polish higher eductaion system, the analysis of good practices in Norway and the EU, the analysis of the possibilities of the transfer of most innovative solutions to Poland; as well as preparation of recommendations for Polish educational policy.


Expected outcomes are both research-, teaching- and policy-related (two books and several papers published in Poland and abroad; modified study program and teaching methods in the Faculty of Social Sciences; and recommendations for Polish educational policy, based on best Norwegian and EU practices).

The major outcome of the project is also strenghtened research and teaching cooperation with University of Oslo (and its European partners) within future research, teaching and policy projects funded by sponsors other than FSS. Its outcomes lead directly (via research products) and indirectly (policy recommendations) to the strenghtening of the research and education potential of Polish universities and their better integration with Euroepan systems of research and education e.g via staff and student mobility, enlarging knowledge and developing new teaching methods based on good practices from Norway and the EU.


The project is funded by Norway Grants/CEE grants


The consortium consists of two teams (University of Oslo and Poznan University, 8 persons in total)led by prof. Marek Kwiek, director of the Center for Public Policy, and prof. Peter Maassen, director of HEDDA (Higher Education Development Association) and professor in the Faculty of Education. The team includes also a group of junior researchers and PhD students.

Polish partners include: dr Marek Kwiek, dr Piotr W. Juchacz, dr Dominik Antonowicz and Adriana Golebiewska.

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