Mediatized Stories contributions at ICA in Singapore 2010

The Mediatized Stories contributions at the International Communication Association (ICA) in Singapore 22-26 June 2010:

Knut-Arne Futsaeter: Individual paper on "Diffusion of social networking sites: Expansion and use of Facebook in Norway" in Pre-conference on Researching (Popular) Media in the Age of Convergence: Methodological Innovations in the Study of Contemporary Media Industries, Texts, Technologies, and Audiences.

Mia Lovheim: Individual paper on "Young Swedish Female Top-Bloggers and Performance of Authentic Selves" in panel on "Gendered Discourses and Networks of Science, Technology, and Modernity".

David Brake: Individual paper on " Lifelogging: Visions of Absent Audiences" in panel on "Social Functions of Blogging. Brake also chairs a panel on CMC and Self-Presentation.

Panel on Building Bridges of Meaning Across Distance and Difference: Studies of Youth-Designed Social Networking chaired by Mark Evan Nelson with these Mediatized Stories related entries:
• Glynda Hull and Mark Nelson on "Space2Cre8: Lessons Learned Thus Far"
• Stacy Marple (with Amy Stornaiuolo) on "Designful Play: Qualities of Youth Engagement With the Creation of an International Social Network"
• Kenneth Silseth and Kristin Vasbo (with Ola Erstad): "Creating Multiple Voices in the Classroom: Space2cre8 as a Facilitator for Negotiating Cultural Identity"
• Birgit Hertzberg Kaare and Catharina Kokkim: "Space to Create With Social Media in Global Classrooms"

Panel on Erving Goffman Matters: Exploring the Socially Mediated in Communication Studies chaired by Knut Lundby - with one of four panelists from Mediatized Stories:
• Sonia Livingstone on "Goffman's 'Participation Framework' Rethought for the Age of Facebook."


In English: PUBLIC SEMINAR 14 April 2010 in Oslo with presentation of research results from the Mediatized Stories project. One presentation is in English, the one by Knut-Arne Futsæter on Media Trends and use of Social Networking Sites in Norway reporting very high growth of Facebook.

In Norwegian: "Fortelle seg selv digitalt" var tema for prosjektets formidlingskonferanse onsdag 14. april i Forskningsparken i Oslo.

Hvordan bruker mennesker, og spesielt ungdom, selvrepresentasjon i digital historiefortelling til å forme og dele sine liv? Mediatized Stories undersøker selvrepresentasjon gjennom ulike former for digital historiefortelling. Prosjektet fokuserer på barn og unge, fordi unge mennesker har en tendens til å være innovative i sin bruk av digitale medier.

Programmet ga korte smakebiter fra Mediatized Stories, presentert av Oslo-baserte forskere i prosjektet:


13.00 Selvrepresentasjon i digitale fortellinger
- Knut Lundby, prosjektleder Mediatized Stories, InterMedia/ Institutt for medier og kommunikasjon, UiO

13.15 Å fortelle seg selv
- Ivar Frønes, Institutt for sosiologi og samfunnsgeografi, UiO

13.30 Fra trosfortellinger til jubileumsfilmer
- Birgit Hertzberg Kaare, Institutt for medier og kommunikasjon, UiO

13.45 IKT som fortellerverktøy
- Tone Bratteteig, Institutt for informatikk, UiO

14.00 Sosiale medier som del av medieutviklingen
- Knut-Arne Futsæter, TNS Gallup

14.15 Spørsmål og diskusjon

14.30 Pause med forfriskninger

14.45 Bloggpraksis som lært selvrepresentasjon
- Karoline Tømte, Institutt for medier og kommunikasjon, UiO

15.00 Bloggprinsessene: Bloggen som iscenesettelse og forhandlingsrom
- Mia Lövheim, Institutt for medier og kommunikasjon, UiO

15.15 Bruk av nettsamfunnet Space2cre8 i norsk skole
- Kenneth Silseth og Kristin Vasbø, Pedagogisk forskningsinstitutt, UiO

15.30 Barn som nett(mis)brukere
- Elisabeth Staksrud, Institutt for medier og kommunikasjon, UiO

15.45 Spørsmål, oppsummering og diskusjon

16.00 Slutt

Presence in scholarly conferences

ICA Singapore 2010: Participation in several panels at the International Communication Association (ICA), 22-26 June (see above).

"The presentation of self in everyday digital life" 2 September 2009, a preconference to the Transforming Audiences 2 conference at University of Westminster, London.

ICA Chicago 2009: Panel on "Mediatization as Keyword Between Civilzation, Domestication, Authority, and Media Culture. 23 May.

ICA Montreal 2008: Mediatized Stories was heavily involved in a panel on "Digital Mediations of Personal Narratives" on 24 May during the International Communication Association conference

Visual Stories and Methods: Mediatized Stories participants presented in the Visual Stories and Methods workshop and contributed a paper on webloggers in the Transforming Audiences conference at the University of Westminster in September 2007.

ICA San Francisco 2007: Mediatized Stories was active in ICA seminars on digital storytelling, mediatization and identity during the International Communication Association conference in San Francisco May 2007, in panels on mediatization and on identity and in a pre-conference on digital storytelling.

DREAM 2006: Mediatized Stories members were active as keynotes and paper presenters at the DREAM conference On informal Learning and Digital Media in Odense, September 2006.

Internal project seminars

View over Oslo from Voksenaasen where the June 2006 seminars took place

• 25 June 2010 (Singapore): Closing meeting

• 12-13 May 2009 (Holmenkollen, Oslo). 

• 13-16 April 2008 (Rosendal): Integrating cases and theory.

• 11 April 2008 (U of Oslo). Workshop on 'Self-representations and literacy in using digital media'.

• 22-23 November 2007 (University of Oslo): Participation in the CMC-conference

• 23-28 May 2007 (San Francisco): Project meeting at the ICA conference

• 21March 2007 (Oslo): Uses of the quantitative platform.

• 19-23 Sept 2006 (Odense): In connection with the DREAM conference: On informal learning.

• 15 June 2006 (Oslo): Digital dynamics in storytelling.

• 12-14 June 2006 (Oslo): Theoretical approaches to mediation/medialization.

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