Creative production, self-expression and identity


Project leader: David Gauntlett

Professor David Gauntlett has developed and completed a number of projects in which creative production activities are used as a social research tool. For example, research projects have invited young people to make videos, drawings, and collages as part of a reflective process of exploration and self-expression that enables research participants to carefully tell their own stories. The ArtLab website [] is a hub for this work.

He recently completed the first major phase of a funded collaboration with Lego to explore how the Lego Serious Play consultancy method, in which participants build metaphors of their feelings and experiences in Lego, can be used as a social research method. The findings about the reflective and creative process also help us to understand the process and outcomes of digital storytelling.

These studies are discussed in the book Creative Explorations: New approaches to identities and audiences, published by Routledge in May 2007.

Professor Gauntlett has given a number of conference papers and talks on these projects. He also supervises a number of research students who are also employing creative methods related to digital storytelling to explore issues such as contemporary masculinities, online identities, and ethnic identities.

A Lego Serious Play session at InterMedia in January 2006.

Additional news:

  • The implications of networked digital creativity for media studies researchers and educators was discussed in the article, 'Media Studies 2.0', published online at , which has been discussed in a number of international online forums and email lists.
  • David Gauntlett and Annette Hill organised an international conference, Transforming Audiences, on 6-7 September 2007, in association with the Audience and Reception Studies section of the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA), and the Popular Communication Division of the International Communication Association (ICA). The conference considered how creative digital practices such as digital storytelling, and the collaboration and sharing on popular online networks, is changing our understanding of the 'audience'.
  • Further information available at


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