Young people and the construction of social network profiles


Project leader: David Brake

David Brake (while with at Media@LSE, related to his PhD thesis) interviewed young people in the UK aged 16-19 who had produced MySpace profiles, examining the influences and constraints on such storytelling. This research for Mediatized Stories focused primarily on understanding the meaning of MySpace use for young people but also considered the technological characteristics of MySpace at the time of the research (2007). His research suggests that the process of profile creation and maintenance on MySpace as a means of identity work may be of less importance to young people than MySpace's role as an apparently secure communicative space.

Brake's contribution to Mediatized Stories was initially shaped with Nick Couldry while he was working at LSE.

Brake also, with Sonia Livingstone, did a report for Mediatized Stories on policy implications of the rapid rise of social networking sites.


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