MULTIMO - researching multimodal discourses (completed)

About the project

Interdisciplinary investigation of making and analysing multimodal discourse in digital domains where mediated design, texts, activity and meaning making are central.


MULTIMO aims to develop interdisciplinary knowledge and on methods for inquiry into multimodal multimediated discourse. MULTIMO investigates ways in which multimodal discourse may be made, mediated and analysed. Across the MULTIMO project, attention is to the spatial design of screen based generation and analysis of learning resources and modes of communication in digital environments.

Theory and methods

A variety of methods are employed within and across the various projects under MULTIMO. Experimental, collaborative and participatory design research approaches are used. Processes of improvising, devising, iterating and critical reviewing are incorporated into a process based approach to discourse and design. This approach allows for the investigation of digital discourses in-the-making. These methods are applied to both construction and documenting the shaping of ICTs as multimodal, multimediated communication. InterMediaLab is central to the design and implementation of the project.


Per Roar Thorses (dancer, choreographer, doctoral researcher), inger Reidun Olsen (dancer, choeographer), Jimu Makurumbandi (dancer, choreographer), Terje Planke (researcher), Annette Hillestad (researcher).

Funding and timeframe

Funded by: The Research Council of Norway

Timeframe: 2004-2007

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Project leader Andrew Morrison


  • Idunn Sem
  • Ole Smørdal
  • Dagny Stuedahl
  • Synne Skjulstad
  • Hans Magnus Nedreberg
  • Even Westvang
Detailed list of participants