Teachers' motivating style across different cultures: A multinational study (completed)

Together with a master student (I.V. Opsahl) Bodil Stokke Olaussen here takes part in an international study about teachers' motivating style. Johnmarshall Reeve, Korea University, is in charge of the project. Seven different nations / cultures participate in the study. Fostering learning in school, either the topic is reading, text comprehension or something else, motivation seems to be crucial.


The aim of the present project is to understand how nation/culture and social norms may contribute to teachers' motivation style as autonomy supportive or controlling.


The project is based on self-determination theory, where autonomy supportive teachers are seen as important for developing motivation in the classroom. This is a multinational study with 7 participating cultures ( Belgium, Israel (Arab/Jewish), Jordan, Korea, Norway, USA). Data collection from the Norwegian sample has been conducted autumn 2010. The Norwegian sample consists of two groups: one of elementary school teachers and one of high school teachers.

The study is quantitative based on survey data /  a questionaaire with teachers' evaluation and self report of two different teaching scenarious. 


  • The Norwegian sample consists of two groups: one of elementary school teachers and one of high school teachers, which makes it possible to supplement the overall aim with a closer look at  Norwegian high school teachers' motivation style. This is important based on the high rate of students leaving Norwegian high schools without fulfilling their exams. Iselin V.Opsahl is in charge of this sub-project.


WCU-grant in Korea for the international part;  UiO for the Norwegian part


Professor Johnmarshall Reeve, Korea University, is the leeder of the international group


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