ICT-supported Information and Communication Services for Patients and Relatives during recovery (completed)

About the project

The objective in this project is to explore applicability of ICT-supported learning resources for recovering patients and their relatives. This is demonstrated by analysis of recovery experiences and information and communication needs expressed by patients and their significant other in recovery from Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) surgery. Information from this analysis provides direction for design of a prototype of a learning resource focusing on symptom management, self care and independence during the recovery period, and discussions of usefulness, appropriateness and feasibility of such resources.


The aims of the study is threefold - identify experiences and communication needs of recovering patients and their families - use these experiences in design of a web-based prototype to support the convalescent and their family in the trajectory of recovery with changing information- or communication needs, and universal accessibility features - focused discussions of appropriateness and feasibility of web-based information and communication resource to support learning needs during CABG recovery.

Theory and methods

The study incorporates concepts of self regulation, symptom management and self-care in dealing with health experiences. The changing needs and focus of attention during such health-and illness experiences are modeled as a trajectory where the requirements and needs for information content and communication resources develop and change. Further, incorporating techniques from tailoring and customization to provide and present information or communication in more timely fashions to enhance coping and independence. Activity theory will be used as a theoretical perspective to understand important aspects of contextualized recovery experiences.

This study utilizes a descriptive - exploratory design. Empirical evidence to systematize experiences and information and communication needs are acquired from interviews with convalescent and their significant other, interviews with health care providers and observation of meeting of patient teaching. In addition participatory design workshops are utilized to develop a prototype, REPARERE, and frame discussions of appropriateness and feasibility of web-based learning resources for patients and their families.


Feiringklinikken A/S Institutt for sykepleievitenskap og helsefag, UiO Health systemslab, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI, USA
Related projects

REPARERE (learning resources for patients and relatives during recovery), design of prototype supported by IT-Funk.

Advanced Technologies for Health@Home, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Funding and timeframe

Funded by: The Norwegian Research Council

Timeframe: 2002-2005


  • Analysis of recovery experiences will be used to guide information input and sequencing of information in development of learning resources to assist symptom management and promote self-care for enhanced coping in trajectories of recovery or dealing with ill health.
  • The prototype REPARERE
  • Suggest components in a framework for development and use of health related web resources to assist learning and facilitate prevention, symptom management, self-care and wellbeing (independence) for the users, i.e. lay people across different cultures and health care systems. This framework include information-, interaction- and presentation design, and issues related to global dissemination and local use focusing "Just-In-Case" and "Just-In-Time" information, peer-to-peer networks as well as professional practice models, and capability to accommodate flexibility in presentation, device independence and mobility as required or preferred by the user.


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