Optimizing learning opportunities for students in preschool and beyond (completed)

The research evidence is compelling that early child care and education can have robust effects on children’s academic and behavioral development, but we also know that early childhood programs face challenges that limit their effectiveness.

About the project

The present UTNAM-grant represented a unique opportunity to invite two of the leading scholars in preschool education and childhood development from the US, Professor Carol Connor and Professor Deborah Vandell, to collaborate with researchers at the Department of Education at University of Oslo.

The research stay lasted for a period of two weeks. During the two weeks we discussed our current and future research projects/papers in light of evidence of the short-and long-term effects of early childhood programs, including consideration of the factors that support or impede program effectiveness.

In addition, we visited different preschools in Oslo and arranged a two day conference for our PhD students at the Department of Education.  Professor Connor and Professor Vandell were the keynote speakers at the two-day conference and commentators to PhD work in progress. The conference was also attended by other researchers and stakeholders in the field of early education in Oslo.


Norwegian Research Council, UTNAM program

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