Towards a Pedagogy of Higher Education: The Bologna Process, Didaktik and Teaching

In this book, POLNET member Gunnlaugur Magnússon and co-author Johannes Rytzler illustrate how international policy shifts, primarily the Bologna-process, have affected debates around both the purpose and organization of higher education at different levels.

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Cover: Routledge

Magnússon and Rytzler formulate a theory of teaching in higher education that is grounded in educational theory, contributing to a critical perspective on current ideal forms of higher education and a deeper understanding of the pedagogical role of the university. They also illustrate how international policies affect conceptualizations of the purpose of higher education and critically examines the pedagogy of higher education in order to develop a comprehensive educational theory for teaching in higher education. The book illustrates the consequences of discursive ideals of education on teaching practices and provides a theoretical framework for new thinking on higher education.

The combination of policy analyses, curriculum theory, and educational theory, the book is aimed primarily to academics, scholars, and postgraduate students in the field of higher education research and teaching, educational theory, and educational policy.


To cite this book: Magnússon, G., & Rytzler, J. (2022). Towards a Pedagogy of Higher Education: The Bologna Process, Didaktik and Teaching. Routledge.

Tags: Education politics, Higher education, Comparative and international education, Theory of education
Published May 24, 2022 11:06 AM - Last modified May 24, 2022 11:06 AM