WIKI-D (completed)

About the project

A production based inquiry into the digital mediation of outcomes of a large Norwegian research programme, with a focus on the use of wikis in multimodal, research discourses.


WIKI-D investigates the potential for web-based mediation of research outcomes from the large Norwegian Research Council programme KIM. It develops a collaborative online research rhetoric that uses a wiki tool to enable projects to mediate their outcomes. This online research rhetoric is investigated in as an instance of electronic research reporting. The aim of this is to explore way in which multimodal mediation may be articulated within and across projects. The website is linked to the closing conference for the KIM programme so that a face-to-face event is linked (with video) to project based mediation online. Part of this rhetoric will include a performance artist in the conference as a means to changing modes of participation and representation, with this available online too for comment.

Theory and methods

The title WIKI-D refers to an emergent, exploratory discourse that none-the-less aims to highlight research outcomes internationally. The project takes up the notion of 'wicked problems (floated by Rittel). According to Wikipedia 'Wicked problems have incomplete, contradictory, and changing requirements; and solutions to them are often difficult to recognize as such because of complex interdependencies. Rittel and Webber stated that while attempting to solve a wicked problem, the solution of one of its aspects may reveal or create other, even more complex problems.' In an iterative digital design process, the WIKI-D site is built with reference to a similar mediation of research in our EU Culture 2000 funded project GRIG. For InterMedia especially, the GRIG site investigates processes of mediating artisitc research online, crossing partners and settings, media and art. The WIKI-D site is cocnerned with research outcomes and thus draws on reported research, coordinating it and highlighting semantic relations through tagging. This may be seen as an unfolding wicked problem in that wikis allow relations to be built and thereby aspects of transdisciplinarity may be revealed. These are built via participation.

Funding and timeframe

Funded by: The Research Council of Norway

Timeframe: 2008-2008


WIKI-D project website, presentation and use of site at conference; performance by Marsha McLuhan; research paper for online journal.

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Project leader Andrew Morrison


  • Live Roaldseth
  • Jeremy Toussaint
  • Synne Skjulstad
  • Idunn Sem
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