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Grant for student excursions

The Department of Education (IPED) offers financial support to groups of students who organise excursions/study trips with content relevant to their study program. The funds do not cover all costs.

1. Application requirements

Who may apply?

Groups of at least five students from IPED’s master’s degree programs may apply for grants. All students on the relevant master’s degree program must be invited to participate. Funding is not granted for participation in conferences.

Each program may apply every other year. There is a rotation plan that determines which program may apply, and when. The funding plan, and hence the rotation, will commence in 2018. Please note that it is possible to apply for interprogram excursions.

2018 and subsequent even-numbered years:

  • Comparative and International Education
  • Higher Education
  • study track: Utdanning, danning og oppvekst (Master in Education)

2019 and subsequent odd-numbered years:

  • Kunnskapsutvikling og læring i arbeidslivet (Master in Education)
  • Kommunikasjon, design og læring (Master in Education)
  • Pedagogisk, psykologisk rådgivning (Master in Education)

Application and plan

The excursion must be academically based and have an academic aim connected to the program/field of study. Excursions should centre on visits to a university, research centre or other institution(s) whose profile contributes to the aim of the funding plan.

A preliminary plan for the excursion – including proposed budget and a list of names and contact information for confirmed liaison officers and other contact persons at the excursion destination – must be included in the application for funding. Liaison officers or contact persons should be members of the academic staff or other specialists able to assist the student group in finding and contacting relevant researchers, institutions to visit etc.

In order for funding to be approved, a member of the permanent academic staff at IPED must participate in the excursion, including its planning stage. In exceptional cases, the Department may approve funding for an excursion even though a member of the permanent staff is unable to participate.

The application must also include concrete suggestions as to how the experiences and knowledge gained may be disseminated to other student groups at the Department of Education, e.g. via an article in the student publication, Pedagogisk profil, or by holding an academic social event for other students etc.


As a rule, grants are allocated once a year. The Department may cover costs – in part or in whole and according to the terms of the University of Oslo/IPED – related to travel, room, and board. IPED can determine the size of the grant based on the total funds available and the number of applications received.

Should no applications be received, the funds will be redistributed to other areas by the heads of the Department. The sum awarded to each group is decided based on the quality of the application. The funds are intended as partial support for the student-led excursion and not as financing for the full amount.

All expenses for travel, room, and board for the permanent member of staff who participates in the excursion will be reimbursed pursuant to the terms, regulations, and rates of the University of Oslo.

Who is responsible?

The students as a group are responsible for the planning and completion of the excursion including the financial requirements. Those who sign the application for funds are responsible for all financial issues related to the grant.

2. Deadlines, payment of grant and reporting

Deadline for application

The deadline for application in 2018 is 1 February, and in all subsequent years, 1 December. The dates will be posted on the master’s degree program websites along with more information.

Applications must be sent electronically to:

Payment of grant

Those who have had their application approved will receive information regarding requirements and deadlines for submission of travel and subsistence claim forms. The grant will be paid out to the person who signed the application form (or a designated financial officer).

Travel and subsistence claim forms must include an expense report with valid documentation and be submitted to the Department within one month of the excursion. One claim form is submitted for the entire group as a whole. Individual claim forms will not be accepted.

The person(s) who signed the application for funding is responsible for submitting the claim forms etc within the deadline, and for distributing the funds to the other members of the group.


A summary report describing the academic outcomes of the excursion must be submitted to the Department ( within one month of the trip. The report must also document how the outcomes were shared with the rest of the students in the Department.

 3. Consideration of applications

The heads of the Department review the applications and decide on the sum to be allocated to successful applicants.

The aim of the excursion funding plan is to contribute to students’ having:

  • a comparative perspective to their field of study
  • the possibility to meet academics and others outside the University of Oslo who can contribute to new perspectives on the students’ field of study
  • a supportive academic and social community for Learning.


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