Administrative staff

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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Mohammad Razwan Afsar Afsar, Mohammad Razwan Senior Executive Officer Study administration, Research support
Picture of Andrey Belovodskiy Belovodskiy, Andrey Senior Executive Officer +47 22845818 Research administration, study administration, UV9040C, ToA, UNIT4 ERP, CRISTIN
Picture of Julia Oliane Boesen Boesen, Julia Oliane Senior Executive Officer +47 22858005 Internships
Picture of Marit Myhre Bredesen Bredesen, Marit Myhre Senior Executive Officer +47 22858023
Picture of Katja Evjen Evjen, Katja Senior Executive Officer Study administration, Research administration, Master team
Picture of Kristin Fedje Fredriksen Fredriksen, Kristin Fedje Head of Office +47 22858060
Picture of Sigurd Hasle Hasle, Sigurd Adviser +47 22858014 Study Administration, Scheduling, Bachelor program, Admissions
Picture of Kathrine Høegh-Omdal Høegh-Omdal, Kathrine Adviser +47 22859164 Research support
Picture of Siri Høgseth Høgseth, Siri Senior Adviser +47 22858303
Picture of Grete Indahl Indahl, Grete Senior Executive Officer +47 22841631
Picture of Anders Lunde Lunde, Anders Head Engineer +47 22858132
Picture of Trine Melangen Melangen, Trine Senior Executive Officer
Picture of Eivind Windly Monsen Monsen, Eivind Windly Higher Executive Officer +47 22858043
Picture of Joachim Pacheco-Lie Pacheco-Lie, Joachim Senior Executive Officer +47 22841838
Picture of Kathrine Rostad Rostad, Kathrine Senior Executive Officer +47 22859126 Study administration, Master team
Picture of Ragnhild Stuler Stuler, Ragnhild Administrative Manager 22 85 60 67
Picture of Marika Vartun Vartun, Marika Administrative Manager +47 22855019 Study administration, Research administration
Picture of Fredrik Solli Wandem Wandem, Fredrik Solli Adviser +47 22855120