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Picture of Angeliki Altani Altani, Angeliki Forsker
Picture of Tonje Amland Amland, Tonje Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22858027
Picture of Bettina Gamskjær Andersen Andersen, Bettina Gamskjær Lecturer
Picture of Eva-Mari Andersen Andersen, Eva-Mari Stipendiat +47 22858126 +47 97086592 illness, cancer, cancer survivors, grief, bereavement, stress and coping, peer relations, disability studies
Picture of Øistein Anmarkrud Anmarkrud, Øistein Professor +47-22858046
Picture of Gunnar Bjørnebekk Bjørnebekk, Gunnar Professor +47 22858067
Picture of Nicolai Topstad Borgen Borgen, Nicolai Topstad Researcher +47 22858044
Picture of Christian Brandmo Brandmo, Christian Professor +47 22855243 +47 902 08 596
Picture of Ellen Irén Brinchmann Brinchmann, Ellen Irén Lecturer +47 22854877
Picture of Jorun Buli-Holmberg Buli-Holmberg, Jorun Associate Professor +47 22858069 +47 48119059
Burum, Kristina Stipendiat (228) 58029
Picture of Tobias Busch Busch, Tobias Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22858136
Picture of Julia Santos Costa Chiossi Chiossi, Julia Santos Costa Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Marjolaine Cohen Cohen , Marjolaine Researcher +47 22858063
Picture of Vasiliki  Diamanti Diamanti, Vasiliki Associate Professor/Head of Oslo SpesialPedagogikk- og LæringsLab (Oslo SPeLL) +47-22856624
Picture of Raphael Stephane Fargier Fargier, Raphael Stephane Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Silke Melanie Goebel Goebel, Silke Melanie Adjunct Professor
Picture of Linn Stokke Guttormsen Guttormsen, Linn Stokke Postdoktor +47 22859126
Picture of Åste Marie Mjelve Hagen Hagen, Åste Marie Mjelve Associate Professor +47 22857025
Picture of Hanne Næss Hjetland Hjetland, Hanne Næss Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22858111
Picture of Silje Hokstad Hokstad, Silje Stipendiat +47 22858107 +47 48110271
Picture of Charles Hulme Hulme, Charles Adjunct Professor
Idsøe, Thormod Professor
Picture of Silje Merethe Hansen Ingebretsen Ingebretsen, Silje Merethe Hansen Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22855304
Picture of Andrea Chanell Jønsberg Jønsberg, Andrea Chanell Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22856715 Educational audiology, children with hearing loss, listening, language development