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Picture of Angeliki Altani Altani, Angeliki Forsker
Picture of Tonje Amland Amland, Tonje Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22858027
Picture of Bettina Gamskjær Andersen Andersen, Bettina Gamskjær +47 22858026
Picture of Eva-Mari Andersen Andersen, Eva-Mari Stipendiat +47 22858126 +47 97086592 illness, cancer, cancer survivors, grief, bereavement, stress and coping, peer relations, disability studies
Picture of Øistein Anmarkrud Anmarkrud, Øistein Professor +47-22858046
Picture of Gunnar Bjørnebekk Bjørnebekk, Gunnar Professor +47 22858067
Picture of Nicolai Topstad Borgen Borgen, Nicolai Topstad Forsker +47 22858044
Picture of Christian Brandmo Brandmo, Christian Professor +47 22855243 +47 902 08 596
Picture of Ellen Irén Brinchmann Brinchmann, Ellen Irén Associate Professor +47 22854877
Picture of Jorun Buli-Holmberg Buli-Holmberg, Jorun Associate Professor +47 22858069
Burum, Kristina Stipendiat +47 22858029 (228) 58029
Picture of Tobias Busch Busch, Tobias Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22858136 +32468252916
Picture of Julia Santos Costa Chiossi Chiossi, Julia Santos Costa Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Marjolaine Cohen Cohen , Marjolaine Researcher +47 22858063
Picture of Vasiliki  Diamanti Diamanti, Vasiliki Associate Professor/Head of Oslo SpesialPedagogikk- og LæringsLab (Oslo SPeLL) +47-22856624
Picture of Raphael Stephane Fargier Fargier, Raphael Stephane Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22858025
Picture of Silke Melanie Goebel Goebel, Silke Melanie Adjunct Professor
Picture of Linn Stokke Guttormsen Guttormsen, Linn Stokke Postdoktor
Picture of Åste Marie Mjelve Hagen Hagen, Åste Marie Mjelve Associate Professor +47 22857025
Picture of Hanne Næss Hjetland Hjetland, Hanne Næss Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22858111 +47 97545122
Picture of Silje Hokstad Hokstad, Silje Stipendiat +47 22858107 +47 48110271
Picture of Charles Hulme Hulme, Charles Adjunct Professor
Idsøe, Thormod Professor
Picture of Silje Merethe Hansen Ingebretsen Ingebretsen, Silje Merethe Hansen Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22855304 +47 99462326
Junge, Susann Vit. assistent