Documentary: Education during Covid19

QUINT documentary looks at the emergency teaching situation this year and its impact on quality of education.

Boy and laptop.

A lot of the remote teaching was dominated by individual tasks. Illustration photo: Colourbox. 

The emergency teaching situation that characterised schooling this year, especially with long periods of homeschooling and remote teaching, has had a major impact on education. QUINT documentary draws on the latest research from homeschooling, teacher interviews, surveys with parents and student perspectives to investigate the different aspects of this disruption.

Some of the issues the documentary explores are: How was the homeschooling experienced by parents who also had to work from home during this period? What can we learn about the role of digital technology in schools after a period where all teaching went online? How did the period of school closures and isolation affect children's social and emotional well-being, and how did the subsequent re-opening of schools look like? And finally, what is the impact of this kind of disruption on children's academic well-being and what can teachers do to lessen the fears and worries experienced by children?

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Video production: Larissa Lily, QUINT / UiO. 

Tags: Covid-19, lockdown, homeschooling, Education By Larissa Lily, QUINT/UiO
Published Dec. 10, 2020 2:08 PM - Last modified Aug. 2, 2021 10:09 AM