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Narrow and traditional use of technology in the classroom

Drawing on 178 video-recorded lessons from 47 lower-secondary classrooms with high technological infrastructure in Norway, a study published in Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy  provides important insights into what kind of digital literacy practices students in the eight grade experience in a classroom context.

The key findings are that the teachers’ implementation and uptake of technology in everyday instruction was narrow and limited. Teachers mainly used technology to show pre-made presentations (e.g PowerPoints) and students used technology mostly for individual writing.

Research Themes

Through both large- and small-scale video studies in classrooms from grades 5–10 and logging student–teacher interactions on digital media, we will be in an excellent position to produce new insights into what characterizes teaching quality in Nordic classrooms.

Video technology can provide researchers with rich data that they can analyze in collaboration with colleagues from other institutions. Recorded data can also be accessed later for additional specific analyses. QUINT's research is organised into four main thematic areas.