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  • Image may contain: Forehead, Glasses, Smile, Vision care, Hairstyle. Midway Assessment: Diego Gonzalez Campos 6. okt. 2022 10:00
  • Image may contain: Product, Toy, Handwriting, Event. CEMO writing seminar 7. okt. 2022 09:00

    Writing seminar aimed at Ph.D. candidates at the faculty of Educational Science. The seminar is loosely based on a "Shut up and Write" structure. The topic of the day is "The value of clear academic writing, and how to approach it" by Vice Dean Professor Erik Knain, Department of Teacher Education and School Research

  • Picture of Bryan Maddox. PhD course UV9121 - Response Processes Data in Assessment 9. jan. 2023 00:00

    Interested in Response Processes Data in Assessment? Sign up for this PhD course held by Adjunct Professor Bryan Maddox from the University of East Anglia.