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PhD Programme Council

The PhD Programme Council was first established as the Faculty's research training committee in 1997 to make decisions about the Faculty’s organised research training.


The PhD Programme Council is responsible for the faculty's organised research training leading to the degree of PhD at the Faculty of Educational Sciences. At present, the Faculty offers the following programme options:

  • Education
  • Special Needs Education
  • Subject Didactics

The PhD Programme Council has been assigned overall and coordinating responsibility for the faculty's organized research training, which includes the faculty's PhD programme. The Programme Council will review the academic frames, key priorities and systems for quality assurance and quality improvements in the programme. The Council also handles admissions to the faculty’s PhD programme.

The PhD Programme Council can also delegate its tasks to the programme head. Decisions about general operations will be delegated to the programme head. The programme head will serve as an advisor to the faculty's management on matters concerning the organized research training.

The members of the Programme Council usually also serve as the research education coordinator at their own unit.

The Programme Council reports to the Dean.

For more information about the Programme Council and its members, look into the Norwegian  web site.

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