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Ph.D. Programme Plan at the Faculty of Educational Sciences

The Programme Plan regulates and describes the research education at the Faculty of Educational Sciences. The Programme Plan is pursuant to the Regulations for the Degree of Philosophiae Doctor (PhD) at the University of Oslo, set by the board of the University of Oslo.

The scope of the program plan

The nominal period of study for the Ph.D. programme at the Faculty of Educational Sciences is 3 full-time years. A completed PhD programme is leading up to the degree of Philosophiae Doctor (PhD)

The faculty has now adjusted the programme plan for its own research education with effect from 15.03.2020. The adjustments include a clarification of options for the field of methodology, a slight tightening of what can be accepted as dissemination  and a major change in the citeria leading up to accepted creditpoints with effect from 01.01.2021.

These changes will come into effect for all candidates, but without changeing what the candidates have already obtained either wihin the area dissemination os obtained as accepted creditpoints on the basis of the regulations before 31.12.2020. Thus the changes will not have retroactive effect.


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