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Ph.D. programme plan at the Faculty of Educational Sciences

The Programme Plan regulates and describes the research education at the Faculty of Educational Sciences. The Programme Plan is pursuant to the Regulations for the Degree of Philosophiae Doctor (Ph.D.) at the University of Oslo set by the Board of the University of Oslo.

The Faculty has adjusted the programme plan for the research education with effect from 01.06.2018. The candidates at the Faculty admitted to the research education are also connected to a special version of the programme plan.

The Faculty will accommodate a flexible transference for the candidates admitted to the programme plan made current from 01.01.2013, but who wishes to be connected to the programme plan of 01.06.2018. The Faculty will especially recommend the candidates admitted to the programme after 01.01.2018 to apply for a transference. For all candidates connected to the programme plan dated 01.01.2013, the Faculty will however put forward information with practical and suitable solutions in order to ensure a successful accomplishment.

The scope of the programme plan

The nominal period of study for the Ph.D. programme at the Faculty of Educational Sciences is 3 full-time years. A completed Ph.D-Programme will result in the Degree of Philosophiae Doctor (Ph.D.) at the University of Oslo.

The revised programme plan

Besides the editorial modifications and specifications to the programme plan version of 01.01.2013, the programme plan of 01.06.2018 includes the following particular adjustments:

  1. The admission criteria is specified.
  2. Qualifications for being a supervisor is specified.
  3. The Philosophy of Science course  is adjusted (downgraded) to 5 credits.
  4. A mandatory research seminar ((2 credits) is incorporated as a part of the training component. This seminar includes among other things the candidate's own presentation of his/her project, commenting projects of other candidates during their presentations and a completed mid-term assessment.
  5. The scope of the methodology component stands unchanged at 10 credits., but the candidate may now choose to take 3 credits from the methodological (quantitative or qualitative) that is not emphasized in the dissertation.
  6. Methodology courses are revised.
  7. The elective part of the training component is specified.
  8. The Final Reading is made mandatory.

To the Programme plan of 01.01.2013

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