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Doctoral dinner and conferral of the PhD degree

It is your choice whether to organize a PhD dinner or not, and you are responsible for funding the event. Some of the costs are tax deductible.

PhD dinner

The PhD dinner is your event. You need to extend an invitation to the chair of the public defence, the adjudication committee and your supervisor(s). It is also common practice to invite colleagues and others who have assisted you with the thesis.

There are no fixed rules for seating, but you and your escort, the members of the adjudication committee, the chair of the defence and your main supervisor should be seated centrally, possibly at a main table.

The chair of the defence, the third member of the adjudication committee and your main supervisor normally give a speech. You need to tell the toastmaster that the chair of the defence will be the first speaker during the dinner. It is also traditional for the candidate to give a speech and thank the university, committee, research community, their family etc. 

Tax deductions

You must cover the costs of the PhD dinner yourself. Part of the cost can, however, be deducted on your tax return. See the tax authorities’ website on tax deductible costs in connection with the PhD degree ( In order to qualify for the tax deduction, the PhD dinner must be an official event with participation by the said parties.

Conferral ceremony

After the trial lecture and public defence, the adjudication committee gives its approval to the faculty. On the basis of this approval, the degree of Philosophiae Doctor (PhD) is conferred on the candidate by the University Rector. UiO holds a formal conferral ceremony four times a year in which newly qualified doctors are awarded their diplomas.

Conferral is not compulsory, but if you have the opportunity, you should attend. Conferral normally takes place at UiO’s ceremonial hall, the Aula.

During the ceremony, all newly qualified doctors from the same faculty are normally called to the podium. The Dean gives a brief summary of each thesis before the Rector hands out the diplomas.

The dress code at the conferral ceremony is informal attire/suit. You may invite a defined number of guests, such as your supervisor(s), family and friends, to witness the ceremony.

Read more about conferral at UiO’s main pages.

PhD diploma and diploma supplement

PhD diplomas are written in Latin. You will also receive a diploma supplement in Norwegian giving details of your PhD degree and thesis.

If you are unable to participate in the conferral ceremony, the diploma will be sent to your home address after the ceremony. Remember to check that your address is correct in StudentWeb.

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