Coding Workshop: 7 June 2022

This is a joint coding session for researchers with the accepted papers at the QUINT Conference 2022. 

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Workshop on coding classroom observations shows overlaps and discrepancies between frameworks

Illustration photo of Kirsti Klette
QUINT Director Kirsti Klette introduces the Coding Workshop. Photo: Misha Jemsek

The first day of the conference featured a workshop where researchers applied a coding framework of their choice a video recording from a Nordic classroom, borrowed from the LISA Nordic study. Participants presented their framework and their findings to their workgroup. A total of 12 different frameworks were applied to footage from either a Language Arts or a Mathematics classroom, and were then discussed by the researchers in the group. This workshop was co-organised and financed by the research project Synthesizing Research on Teaching Quality (SYNTEQ), coordinated by QUINT Centre Director Professor Kirsti Klette. 

The results of these discussions gave insight into similarities and differences across frameworks and methods. Interestingly, despite differences in theoretical grounding and level of details, different frameworks revealed similar results in terms of patterns of teaching quality identified. The exercise also made visible some limitations of video-data, and illustrated the kinds of additional information different frameworks rely on to make statements about teaching quality.

The workshop represents a new approach to exchanging knowledge on teaching observation frameworks. The feedback from participants was positive, with many saying that the workshop was inspiring and useful for understanding how different research environments work with classroom video data.

Patrick Schreyer, Doctoral candidate at DIPF, Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education said

“A particular highlight for me was the coding workshop, in which participants had the opportunity to discuss their observation systems and approaches based on two collectively viewed instructional videos”

Illustration photo of Hannah Bijlsma
Hannah Bijlsma at QUINT Coding Workshop. Photo: Misha Jemsek

Hannah Bijlsma, PhD candidate and Researcher at the University of Twente, said

“The coding workshop made me realize how important a well-developed measuring instrument is and what influence the underlying concept of the instrument has on the rating of the lesson”

Further coding workshops will likely be arranged in the future, and the format will continue to be developed.


Funded by:

The initiative is also supported by the research project SYNthesizing research on TEaching Quality (SYNTEQ), Research Council of Norway, project number 300791.


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