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The role of the teacher in computer-supported learning and instruction (PhD project)

The aim of the project is to provide insight into the role of teacher support in classroom settings where digital tools and representations are central resources for teaching and learning.

How do teachers support students’ learning in computer-supported settings? (photo of teacher student cooperation on experiment using a tablet: REDE project).

How do teachers support students’ learning in computer-supported settings? (photo: REDE project).

About the project

Research on the use of technology in educational settings has been concerned with exploring how various digital tools can support students’ learning. Less attention has been directed towards the important work of the teacher in facilitating and guiding students’ learning processes in computer-supported settings.

Conducting qualitative studies of teacher-student interactions during instructional trajectories, the project explores how science and social studies teachers support students’ learning processes within and across classroom activities and work forms.

Background and affiliation

The project is a four-year doctoral research project (2015–2019), based on empirical studies conducted as part of two larger design-based research projects: Representation and Participation in School Science (REDE) and Digitalised Dialogues Across the Curriculum (DiDiAC).

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