Anders Kluge

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Phone +47 22840710
Room 4326
Available hours By appointment
Visiting address Forskningsparken Gaustadalleen 21 0349 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1092 Blindern 0317 OSLO

Academic Interests

My main research interest is interaction design. Growing out of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) interaction design broadens the perspective of development, use and evaluation of digital environments. I mainly work with Technology-Enhanced Learning as design experiments, and apply qualitative evaluation methods.


PhD (Dr.Scient) 2005
MSc (Cand. Scient) 1990

Current and prior occupations

2007-:          Co-Director and, InterMedia, University of Oslo
2005-2007: Senior advisor, Norwegian Research Council
2000-2005: Research Fellow, Department of Informatics, University of Oslo
1999-2002: Researcher II, Norwegian Computing Centre
1999-2000: Researcher, InterMedia University of Oslo
1996-1999: Research Director, Norwegian Computing Centre
1990-1996: Research Scientist, Norwegian Computing Centre

Visiting positions

Visiting researcher, Copenhagen Business School, spring semester 2003

Tags: ICT and learning, Education


  • Kaliisa, Rogers; Kluge, Anders & Mørch, Anders Irving (2021). Overcoming Challenges to the Adoption of Learning Analytics at the Practitioner Level: A Critical Analysis of 18 Learning Analytics Frameworks. Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research.  ISSN 0031-3831. . doi:
  • Kaliisa, Rogers; Mørch, Anders Irving & Kluge, Anders (2021). ‘My Point of Departure for Analytics is Extreme Skepticism’: Implications Derived from An Investigation of University Teachers’ Learning Analytics Perspectives and Design Practices. Technology, Knowledge and Learning.  ISSN 2211-1662. . doi: Full text in Research Archive.
  • Farsjø Aure, Caroline; Kluge, Anders & Moen, Anne (2020). Promoting dietary awareness: Home‐dwelling older adults’ perspectives on using a nutrition application. International Journal of Older People Nursing.  ISSN 1748-3735. . doi: 10.1111/opn.12332
  • Kaliisa, Rogers; Mørch, Anders Irving & Kluge, Anders (2019). Exploring Social Learning Analytics to Support Teaching and Learning Decisions in Online Learning Environments. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS).  ISSN 0302-9743.  11722 LNCS, s 187- 198 . doi: 10.1007/978-3-030-29736-7_14 Full text in Research Archive.
  • Kluge, Anders (2019). Learning science with an interactive simulator: negotiating the practice-theory barrier. International Journal of Science Education.  ISSN 0950-0693. . doi: 10.1080/09500693.2019.1590881
  • Farsjø, Caroline; Kluge, Anders & Moen, Anne (2018). Using a tablet application about nutrition in home care - Experiences and perspectives of healthcare professionals. Health and Social Care in the community.  ISSN 0966-0410. . doi: 10.1111/hsc.12685
  • Saplacan, Diana; Herstad, Jo; Mørch, Anders Irving; Kluge, Anders & Pajalic, Zada (2018). Inclusion through design and use of digital learning environments: issues, methods and stories, In Tone Bratteteig & Frode Eika Sandnes (ed.),  NordiCHI '18 - Proceedings of the 10th Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, Oslo, Norway — September 29 - October 03, 2018.  Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).  ISBN 978-1-4503-6437-9.  Workshops.  s 956 - 959 Show summary
  • Dolonen, Jan Arild & Kluge, Anders (2015). Algebra Learning through Digital Gaming in School, In Oskar Lindwall; Päivi Häkkinen; Timothy Koschman; Pierre Tchounikine & Sten Runar Ludvigsen (ed.),  Exploring the Material Conditions of Learning: The Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL). Vol. 1.  International Society of the Learning Sciences.  ISBN 978-0-9903550-6-9.  Peer reviewed paper i proceedings.  s 252 - 260 Show summary
  • Kluge, Anders (2015). The friends and foes of deeper learning in science with technology. ICERI proceedings.  ISSN 2340-1095.
  • Kluge, Anders & Dolonen, Jan Arild (2015). The Good and the Bad of a New Math Language, In Helen Crompton & John Traxler (ed.),  Mobile Learning and Mathematics: Foundations, Design and Case Studies.  Routledge.  ISBN 978-0-415-74280-1.  Kapittel 9.  s 106 - 121
  • Kluge, Anders (2014). Combining Laboratory Experiments with Digital Tools to Do Scientific Inquiry. International Journal of Science Education.  ISSN 0950-0693.  36(13), s 2157- 2179 . doi: 10.1080/09500693.2014.916456
  • Kluge, Anders & Dolonen, Jan Arild (2014). Algebra som spill. Tangenten - Tidsskrift for matematikkundervisning.  ISSN 0802-8192.  25(3), s 23- 30,44
  • Furberg, Anniken Larsen; Kluge, Anders & Ludvigsen, Sten Runar (2013). Student sensemaking with science diagrams in a computer-based setting. International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning.  ISSN 1556-1607.  8(1), s 41- 64 . doi: 10.1007/s11412-013-9165-4
  • de Jong, Ton; Weinberger, Armin; Girault, Isabelle; Kluge, Anders; Lazonder, Ard; Pedaste, Margus; Ludvigsen, Sten Runar; Ney, Muriel; Wasson, Barbara; Wichmann, Astrid; Geraedts, Caspar; Giemza, Adam; Hovardas, Tasos; Julien, Rachel; van Joolingen, Wouter; Lejeune, Anne; Manoli, Constantinos; Matteman, Yuri; Sarapuu, Tago; Verkade, Alex; Vold, Vibeke & Zacharia, Zacharias (2012). Using scenarios to design complex technology-enhanced learning environments. Educational technology research and development.  ISSN 1042-1629.  60(5), s 883- 901 . doi: 10.1007/s11423-012-9258-1
  • Jahreie, Cecilie Flo; Arnseth, Hans Christian; Krange, Ingeborg; Smørdal, Ole & Kluge, Anders (2011). Designing for play-based learning of concepts in science – Technological tools for bridging school and science museum contexts. Children, Youth and Environments.  ISSN 1546-2250.  21(2) Full text in Research Archive.
  • Kluge, Anders (2011). Interaction design and science discovery learning in the future classroom :. Digital kompetanse.  ISSN 0809-6724.  (3), s 158- 173
  • Pierroux, Palmyre & Kluge, Anders (2011). Bridging the Extended Classroom: Social, Technological and Institutional Challenges. Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy.  ISSN 1891-943X.  6(3), s 115- 121
  • de Jong, Ton; van Joolingen, Wouter; Giemza, Adam; Girault, Isabelle; Hoppe, Ulrich; Kindermann, Jörg; Kluge, Anders; Lazonder, Ard; Vold, Vibeke; Weinberger, Armin; Weinbrenner, Stefan; Wichmann, Astrid; Anjewierden, Anjo; Bodin, Marjolaine; Bollen, Lars; d'Ham, Cédric; Dolonen, Jan Arild; Engler, Jan; Geraedts, Caspar; Grosskreutz, Henrik; Hovardas, Tasos; Julien, Rachel; Lechner, Judith; Ludvigsen, Sten Runar; Matteman, Yuri; Meistadt, Øyvind; Næss, Bjørge; Ney, Muriel; Pedaste, Margus; Perritano, Anthony John; Rinket, Marieke; von Schlanbusch, Henrik; Sarapuu, Tago; Schulz, Florian; Sikken, Jakob; Slotta, Jim; Toussaint, Jeremy; Verkade, Alex; Wajeman, Claire; Wasson, Barbara; Zacharia, Zacharias & van der Zanden, Martine (2010). Learning by creating and exchanging objects: The SCY experience. British Journal of Educational Technology (BJET).  ISSN 0007-1013.  41(6), s 909- 921 . doi: 10.1111/j.1467-8535.2010.01121.x
  • Kluge, Anders & Bakken, Sven Magne (2010). Simulation as Science Discovery: Ways of Interactive Meaning-Making. Research and Practice in Technology Enhanced Learning (RPTL).  ISSN 1793-2068.  5(3), s 245- 273 . doi: 10.1142/S1793206810000876 Show summary
  • Kluge, Anders & Fagerjord, Anders (1999). Nordic Interactive. Nordisk samarbeid i forskning om interaktive multimedier. Nordicom Information.  ISSN 0349-5949.

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  • Kluge, Anders; Krange, Ingeborg; Ludvigsen, Sten Runar; Lantz-Andersson, Annika & Säljö, Roger (2014). Lärarens roll och design av lärandemiljöer i Lärare i den uppkoblade skolan. Gleerups Utbildning AB.  ISBN 9789140687159.  259 s.

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  • Farsjø Aure, Caroline; Moen, Anne & Kluge, Anders (2020). Aktivisering av eldre i ernæringsarbeid.
  • Kluge, Anders (2020). Hva tenker vi på når vi tenker digitalt?, I: Bård Ketil Engen (red.),  Digitalisering, kompetanse og læring.  Gyldendal Akademisk.  ISBN 978-82-05-53831-3.
  • Kluge, Anders (2020). Med oppstartsbedrifter i utdanning: Erfaringer fra prosjekter med skole, forskere og bedrifter – et eksempelprosjekt med programmering i skolen.
  • Dolonen, Jan Arild & Kluge, Anders (2019). Macroscope prosjektet - Bruk av EdTech-tjenesten Macroscope i høyere økonomisk utdanning.
  • Dolonen, Jan Arild; Kluge, Anders; Litherland, Kristina & Mørch, Anders Irving (2019). Litteraturgjennomgang av programmering i skolen. Full text in Research Archive.
  • Kluge, Anders (2019). Skole: Teknologi er ikke enten-eller. Klassekampen.  ISSN 0805-3839.  51(79), s 22- 22
  • Kluge, Anders; Litherland, Kristina Torine; Borgen, Per Harald & Langslet, Gløer Olav (2019). Combining programming with audio explanations.
  • Kluge, Anders & Dolonen, Jan Arild (2018). Kritisk tenkning og problemløsning i norsk skole: Integrert, målbart, og lærbart?.
  • Kluge, Anders; Dolonen, Jan Arild; Scherer, Ronny & Ludvigsen, Sten Runar (2018). Testing and Teaching Critical Thinking and Problem Solving in a Changing World. Summative report from the PROBE-project: Critical thinking and problem-solving skills in a changing world. An approach to the design of classroom-based assessment and teaching.
  • Kluge, Anders (2017). Om læring og klassestørrelse. Dagsavisen.  ISSN 1503-2892. . doi: 20.04.2017
  • Kluge, Anders; Boothby, Russel Clark; Dolonen, Jan Arild; Scherer, Ronny & Ludvigsen, Sten Runar (2017). Critical Thinking in a Changing World: A Formative Report of the Conceptualization, Assessment, and Implementation of Critical Thinking Skills in 21st Century Education.
  • Kluge, Anders; Boothby, Russel Clark; Dolonen, Jan Arild; Scherer, Ronny & Ludvigsen, Sten Runar (2017). Critical Thinking in a Changing World: ASSESSMENT FRAMEWORK.
  • Farsjø, Caroline; Kluge, Anders & Moen, Anne (2016). Designvurderinger i APPETITT - app for eldre om ernæring..
  • Gilje, Øystein; Ingulfsen, Line; Dolonen, Jan A.; Furberg, Anniken Larsen; Rasmussen, Ingvill; Kluge, Anders; Knain, Erik; Mørch, Anders Irving; Naalsund, Margrethe & Skarpaas, Kaja Granum (2016). Med ARK&APP. Bruk av læremidler og ressurser for læring på tvers av arbeidsformer.
  • Kluge, Anders (2016). Bridging in Mathematics: Learning Algebra by Using Games in School, In Eyvind Elstad (ed.),  Educational Technology and Polycontextual Bridging.  Sense Publishers.  ISBN 978-94-6300-643-9.  Chapter 6.  s 107 - 127
  • Kluge, Anders (2016). Med spill på timeplanen.
  • Kluge, Anders (2016). Teknologi og programmering for alle: En faggjennomgang med forslag til endring i grunnopplæringen.
  • Kluge, Anders (2016). Utfordringer for lærere og for ed-tech bedrifter.
  • Kluge, Anders & Mørken, Knut Martin (2016). Nytt skolefag nødvendig. Dagens næringsliv.  ISSN 0803-9372.
  • Sanne, Anders; Berge, Ola; Bungum, Berit; Jørgensen, Eva Celine; Kluge, Anders; Kristensen, Tor Espen; Mørken, Knut Martin; Svorkmo, Anne-Gunn & Voll, Liv Oddrun (2016). Teknologi og programmering for alle : En faggjennomgang med forslag til endringer i grunnopplæringen - august 2016. Full text in Research Archive.
  • Dolonen, Jan Arild; Naalsund, Margrethe & Kluge, Anders (2015). Læremidler og arbeidsformer i matematikk 1T vgs. En casestudie i prosjektet ARK&APP, matematikk 1T, studieforberedende utdanningsprogram, videregående skole.. Show summary
  • Farsjø, Caroline; Kluge, Anders; Wensaas, Gro Hilde; Skulberg, Vigdis Brit & Moen, Anne (2015). Uten mat og drikke.
  • Naalsund, Margrethe; Dolonen, Jan Arild & Kluge, Anders (2015). Læremidler og arbeidsformer i algebra på mellomtrinnet. En casestudie i prosjektet ARK&APP, matematikk, 5. klasse.
  • Dolonen, Jan Arild & Kluge, Anders (2014). Læremidler og arbeidsformer for algebra i ungdomsskolen: En casestudie i prosjektet ARK&APP, matematikk, 8. klasse.
  • Kluge, Anders (2014). Scientific inquiry and digital representations.
  • Kluge, Anders; Dolonen, Jan Arild & Gilje, Øystein (2014). Dataspill og læringsutbytte. Dagens næringsliv.  ISSN 0803-9372.
  • Kluge, Anders; Dolonen, Jan Arild & Gilje, Øystein (2014). Læring og spill i skolen. Dagens næringsliv.  ISSN 0803-9372. Show summary
  • Leister, Wolfgang; Fuglerud, Kristin Skeide; Kluge, Anders; Skaar, Bjørn; Evreinov, Grigori; Ruschin, Detlef; Hopf, Klaus; Dijkman, Jasper; Domenech, Jorge; Gomez, Luis & Oswald, Emily (2014). Development of a Haptic Interface for Communication via the Skin - Literature Review and Related Matters. NR-notat. DART/06/2014.
  • Furberg, Anniken Larsen & Kluge, Anders (2013). Exploring computer-environments as support for students’ reflection on lab-Experiments. Paper presented at the 15th Biennial Conference of the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI).
  • Kluge, Anders (2012). Teknologi for læring.
  • Kluge, Anders; Furberg, Anniken Larsen; Dolonen, Jan Arild; Ludvigsen, Sten Runar; Strømme Aanesland, Torunn; Zacharia, Zacharias; Xenofontos, Nikoletta; Tsivitanidou, Olia; Manoli, Constantinos; Hovardas, Anastasios; Kanellidou, Mamina; Theocharous, Michalis; Nicolaou, Helena; Wasson, Barbara; Vold, Vibeke; van Dijk, Alieke; Lazonder, Ard; Heerink, Jony; Piksööt, Jaanika; Sarapuu, Tago; Runnel, Maria; d'Ham, Cédric; Girault, Isabelle; Wajeman, Claire; Michel, Philippe; Julien, Rachel; Saavedra, Reinaldo & marzin, Patricia (2012). SCY Summative evaluation report DIX.4.
  • Kluge, Anders & Krange, Ingeborg (2012). How to link different interactive models of the same phenomena.
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  • Kluge, Anders; Lazonder, Ard; Ludvigsen, Sten Runar; Weinberger, Armin; de Jong, Ton; Vold, Vibeke; Zacharia, Zacharias; Sarapuu, Tago; Marzin, Patricia; Julien, Rachel; Wasson, Barbara; Piksööt, Jaanika; Rinket, Marieke & Matteman, Yuri (2010). SCY evaluation planning and methods.
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  • Dolonen, Jan Arild; Kluge, Anders; Toussaint, Jeremy; Drevon, Thomas & Roaldset, Live K (2008). Elevprodukt. [www ].
  • Kluge, Anders (2008, 04. august). Får 5,5 millionar til forsking på naturfag.  UniForum.
  • Kluge, Anders (2008). Integrering av IKT i skolen.
  • Kluge, Anders (2008). Interaksjonsdesign og læring.
  • Kluge, Anders (2008, 30. september). Lettere å lære med ny teknologi?. [Internett].
  • Kluge, Anders (2008). Luring med læring. Aftenposten (morgenutg. : trykt utg.).  ISSN 0804-3116.
  • Kluge, Anders (2008, 24. januar). Overgangsproblemer.  Drammens Tidende. Show summary
  • Kluge, Anders (2008). Simuleringer i naturvitenskap og matematikk.
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  • Kluge, Anders (2003). Exploring Medium-Tool Relations: Field Trials in Construction of Hypermedia in Schools.
  • Kluge, Anders & Mørch, Anders Irving (2003). Konvergens i bruk av datamaskinen som medium og verktøy.
  • Kluge, Anders (2002). Hva er Interaktivitet ?.
  • Kluge, Anders (2002). Interactivity in new media.
  • Kluge, Anders (2002). LAVA - hvordan stimulerer teknologi ?.
  • Kluge, Anders (2002). Technology as interactive media.
  • Kluge, Anders (2002). Trenger datamaskiner å være så vanskelige å bruke?.
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