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Ark&App (completed)

The research project ARK&APP investigates the use of educational resources in the planning, conducting and evaluation of teaching in four school subjects; Mathematics, Natural science, English (as a foreign language) and Social science.

About the project

The project draws upon quantitative as well as qualitative data. Two national surveys are conducted. Here, school owners, school leaders and teachers are asked about their choice of teaching resources and other resoruces and in their practices as teachers in specific subjects. The 12 qualitative case studies observe how educational resources are used during lessons, with particular attention to how different resources generate engagement in different forms of student-teacher interactions. In each case, a pre-/posttest is conducted to map the students’ learning.

Research questions

There are five main research questions in the project, which are addressed based on the findings in the two surveys and the 12 case studies of the project. These main questions will be addressed in the final project report (2016).

  1. Which educational resources are chosen, and on what basis?
  2. How do educational resources help teachers’ interpret and operationalize the curriculum?
  3. How are educational resources used during lessons?
  4. What role do educational resources play in student and teacher interactions?
  5. How do educational resources foster student engagement and Learning?

Project funding

The Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training

Type of research

Applied research

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