SCY - Science Created by You (completed)

This EU-project develops a system for constructive and productive learning of science and technology by using a flexible and adaptive pedagogical approach to learning.

About the project

SCY is an Integrated project financed by the 7th framework program in the European Commission
It runs from 2008-2012 with 12 partners from 7 countries. The total funding is €6 million.

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In the SCY-Lab (the SCY learning system) students work individually and collaboratively on "missions" which are guided by a general socio-scientific question (for example "how can we produce healthier milk?") and fulfilling the mission requires a combination of knowledge from different domains (e.g., physics and mathematics, or biology and engineering).

The configuration of SCY-Lab is adaptive to the actual learning situation, advising students on appropriate learning actions, resources, tools and scaffolds, or peer learners that can support the learning process. The SCY project aims at students between 12-18 years. A total of five concrete SCY-missions will be developed.

Theory and methods

SCY uses a flexible and adaptive pedagogical approach to learning based on "emerging learning objects" (ELOs) that are created by learners.


University of Twente
Joseph Fourier University
Duisburg-Essen University
University of Bergen
Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent analysis and Information Systems IAIS
University of Cyprus
University of Turtu
De Praktijk
Stichting Technasium
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education

Funding and timeframe

Funded by: The European Community within 'Digital Libraries and technology enhanced learning' under the Information and Communication Technologies priority of the 7th Framework Programme

Timeframe: 2008 - 2012


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Project leader Anders Kluge


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