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Administrative staff

Persons 1 - 25 of 25
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Camilla Bakke Bakke, Camilla Senior Executive Officer +47 22858032 Study administration
Picture of Kristi Barcus-Sævareid Barcus-Sævareid, Kristi Adviser +47 22841221 Study administration
Picture of Eva Svihus Borgersen Borgersen, Eva Svihus Senior Executive Officer +47 22857780 Project administration
Picture of Anna Girolami Bråthen Bråthen, Anna Girolami Senior Executive Officer
Picture of Marit Eline Lervik Christensen Christensen, Marit Eline Lervik Adviser +47 22858150 +47 97620226 Research communication, Research dissemination, web publishing, Web editor, Social media, podcast
Picture of Yngvild Dahl Dahl, Yngvild Administrative Manager +47 22844138 Study administration
Picture of Julie Louise Gjendem Gjendem, Julie Louise Higher Executive Officer +47 22854095 Study administration, Bachelor's programme
Picture of Hege Jahr Glomnes Glomnes, Hege Jahr Adviser +47 22858813 Study administration
Grønsberg, Cindy Adviser +47 22844474 Study administration
Picture of Ridah Haider Haider, Ridah Senior Executive Officer +47 22855352 Reception, Study administration
Picture of Annette Hjelmevold Hjelmevold, Annette Senior Executive Officer +47 22855355 Study administration
Picture of Paola Løvland Løvland, Paola Senior Executive Officer +47 22844479 Study administration, Higher Education
Picture of Sharanya Manivasagam Manivasagam, Sharanya Head Engineer IPED
Picture of Olga Mukhina Mukhina, Olga Adviser +47 22854286 Research administration
Picture of Richard Nesnass Nesnass, Richard Senior Engineer +47-99871678 IPED
Rohatgi, Himani EngageLab
Picture of Miriam Segal Segal, Miriam Senior Executive Officer +47 22855032 Study administration
Picture of Mette Strand Strand, Mette Higher Executive Officer Study administration
Picture of Rabia Azhar Syed Syed, Rabia Azhar Senior Executive Officer +47 22855126 Study administration
Picture of Elin Østbø Sørensen Sørensen, Elin Østbø Head of Office +47 22855353 Office manager
Picture of Kari-Anne Ulfsnes Ulfsnes, Kari-Anne Senior Adviser +47 22840735 +47 92232053 Research administration
Picture of Jennie Katrine Urang Urang, Jennie Katrine Higher Executive Officer +47 22855356 Reception
Picture of Iqra Usmani Usmani, Iqra Higher Executive Officer +47 22845607 Study administration, Master in Education
Picture of Rosa Elizabeth Valseth Valseth, Rosa Elizabeth Senior Executive Officer +47 22840701 Reception, Contract, Election
Picture of Ane Røvik Wahlen Wahlen, Ane Røvik Senior Executive Officer +47 22857096 Study administration, Bachelor's programme