Leading Higher Education As and For Public Good

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08.30  Registration and coffee

09.00  Introduction and welcome by project leader Tone Dyrdal Solbrekke

09.15  Relationship-rich education, generous thinking, and the public good

Keynote Peter Felten, Elon University

Comments by Katarina Mårtensson, Lund University

10.30  Coffee break

10.45  Workshops – parallel sessions in English and Norwegian

11.45  Lunch

12.30  How can higher education contribute to sustainable societies?

Panel debate chaired by Inga Bostad, Department of Education, UiO

Eevi Beck, Department of Education, UiO
Linnea Alexandra Barberini, Studentparlamentet, UiO
Kristin Heggen, Faculty of Medicine, UiO,
Jorulf Brøvig Silde, NHO
Nina Witoszek, Centre for Development and the Environment, UiO
Helge Drange, Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen

14.00  Coffee break

14.15  Academic development and public leadership: a tale of three cities

Ron Barnett, University College London, Institute of Education

Comments by Thomas de Lange, UiO, Department of Education

15.30  Book launch

Editors Tone Dyrdal Solbrekke, UiO and Ciaran Sugrue, University College Dublin

Critical reader Berit Karseth, UiO

16.00  Celebration with light food and drinks

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