Learning Landscapes: Space and New Tecnology in Museums Learning (PhD- project) (completed)

A PhD project exploring museum learning in the relationship between physical space and digital technologies.

About the project

The PhD project Learning Landscapes: Space and New Technology in Museum Learning is one of the cases in the multidisciplinary research project CONTACT: Communicating Organizations in Networks of Art and Cultural Heritage Technologies.

This project explores the relationship between physical space and digital technologies in museum learning contexts. In particular, Learning Landscapes examine how learning conversations and other face-to-face social learning interactions can be mediated and supported by technologically enhanced spaces in museums. One technology being explored is the use of multi-touch tables and surfaces that are related to larger exhibition spaces while supporting these social learning interactions.

The project balances learning research with design practice and will explore these themes across multiple cases:

  • One of these cases involves a partnership with the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design to design and evaluate Snøkult, an architecture workshop that will tour schools in Norway as part of The Cultural Rucksack.
  • A second case involves the design and evaluation of a project room in the National Gallery building dedicated to exploring and learning about Edvard Munch and his art (see Munch and Multimodality).


The goal of this project is to explore museum learning and the relationship between physical space and digital technologies, particularly for young people.

The specific research questions are as follows:

  1. What are the implications for learning of the spatial-technological features of museum exhibits?
  2. How does learning occur in these exhibits?
  3. How can this knowledge inform the design of richer learning experiences in interactive museum exhibits?

Funding and timeframe

  • Funded by the Norwegian Research Council
  • Timeframe: 2010-2013
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