Akerselva digitalt (completed)

Photo: Dagny Stuedahl

About the project

The Norwegian Museum of Science, Technology and Medicine in collaboration with Oslo Museum do in this project develop a mobile audio guide that communicate the history of industrial heritage along the Akerselva river in central Oslo city. Involved in the project is also Sagene district which in several occasions has been arguing for a more active communication of Akerselva and working class history of Oslo. InterMedia is connected to this development with a focus on citizen participation extending the mobile guide into a community based platform.


The development project heads towards a broad group of audiences, including tourist. In developing participatory applications does the collaboration between the museums and InterMedia put special focus on youth participation in urban historical places. The main objective of the project is to make historical material from museum collections and archive accessible on a location based level and by way of mobile platforms.The research is especially focused on experimenting with creative participatory methods to pin out relevant participatory activities that youth may find meaningful to join in.


The project is based on a three-part development;

1. The development of an location-based audio guide for mobile phones which will provide its first version mid June 2012

2. A research based development of a cross-media based platform for citizen participation developed during fall 2012.

3. Testing diverse methods for participatory design with youth clubs and school students to involve young people in museum design.


Akerselva Digitalt is financed by Arts Council Norway and builds one of three pilots in the National infrastructure project on mobile communication of cultural heritage, kulturognaturreise.no. The research based activities are financed by CONTACT/NFR

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