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Hub for Learning Analytics Research (HuLAR)

HuLAR is a hub/node network to support researchers and staff at UiO who want to do data-driven research and practice development to improve student learning.

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About the project

HuLAR will from 2019 to 2022 establish technical infrastructure and practices related to learning analytics at UiO with the aim to collect, analyse and report digital data about students in order to understand and improve their learning conditions. Resources and expertise developed through HuLAR will be findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable for researchers and staff at UiO that have learning analytics needs.

Competencies that HuLAR will cover:

  • Data Science and pedagogical competence for how to analyse, interpret and disseminate learning analytics data and results within different practices (research, teaching and management).
  • Programming expertise related to data collection, formatting, implementation of learning analytics algorithms, dashboards, result export, etc.
  • Interaction design related to presentation/visualisation through alert systems, dashboards, result export, etc.
  • IT management of data warehouses with log data, learning analytics services
  • Privacy; collection of data from various sources including personal data, how this is analysed and used in research, teaching, and administrative contexts.


HuLAR is funded through UiO's eInfrastructure Council and the Department of Education (Iped) at the Faculty of Education Sciences. The leader of HuLAR is Jan Dolonen, Iped, with assistance from an academic steering committee led by Professor Sten Ludvigsen, Iped. Academic units that currently participate as nodes are the Centre for Computing in Science Education (CCSE), the Norwegian Centre for Science Education, LINK - Centre for learning, innovation & academic development, Department of Informatics, Department of Musicology, CEMO, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Theology, University of Oslo Library, and the Digital Services Office at the Department of Education Services. In the participants list you will find the contact persons of the nodes, and click "detailed list" to list which unit they belong to.


The hub is located at the Oslo Science Park and contact person is Jan Dolonen (PhD, Chief Engineer).

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