INVENTIO - Theory and Practice of Designing Digital Genres for Learning and Leisure (completed)

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About the project

In the INVENTIO project InterMedia and Department of Media & Communicaton cooperates in exploring digital genres by production driven inquiry in a mix of locative and broadband media and technologies.


  • to study genre development in technology enhanced environments (Location and broadband mobile media) from a humanistic perspective
  • to build a fuller theoretical understanding of mobile, locative media and articulations
  • to develop prototypes, case based experiments and empirical material linking genre, technology and mediation.

Theory and methods

We apply synthetic-analytic and production-based research approaches to design, use and analysis of locative and '3G' media. Our productions are supported by InterMediaLab and a commercial partnership.


Department of Media & Communicaton, UiO

Funding and timeframe

Funded by: Research Council of Norway (VERDIKT programme)

Timeframe: 2006-2010

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Research papers and book chapters will refer to prototypes and to fully functioning works where possible.


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Project leaders Andrew Morrison and Gunnar Liestøl


  • Idunn Sem
  • Ole Smørdal
  • Jeremy Toussaint
  • Anthony John Perritano
  • Anders Løvlie
  • Kjartan Mueller
  • Terje Rasmussen
  • Anders Fagerjord
  • gunnarl
Detailed list of participants