Research visits

Visiting researchers

  • PhD student Cathy Tran is visiting from the University of California, Irvine. Her research applies theories from motivation and cognition to the design of learning environments, primarily for science and math. In her research, she seeks to gain insights about how the interactions among motivation, effect, and cognition influence students to persist and succeed in learning. As part of the MIRACLE project, she will help design and embed digital media elements to support both conceptual understanding as well as motivation for learning about alternative energy. The research visit, from September to November 2012 and March to May 2013, is funded by the Norwegian Research Council and the U.S. National Science Foundation.

  • Associate Professor Jim Slotta has long experience as a designer and developer of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Environments both at University of Berkeley, USA and University of Toronto, Canada. Slotta was invited to take part in the MIRACLE project to improve the design of digital representations in science that will be used across school and museum settings. He particularly worked with the design of the so-called ScienceHub that aims to integrate the different activities and representations into a shared interface. Slotta visited the MIRACLE project two periods namely in November 2011 and March 2012. In regard to outcome Slotta has contributed to two articles and both of these have been presented at a symposium at the International Conference of the Learning Sciences.

MIRACLE research stays

  • Associate Professer Hans Christian Arnseth is visiting University of California San Diego (UCSD) from July 15 2012 to July 15 2013. The main purpose of the visit is to work together with significant researchers within the learning science community. These are among others, Prof. Jay Lemke, Prof. Gordon Wells, Prof. Michael Cole. and Dr. Bridgit Barron. The main aim for the visit is to develop an anthology where papers from the MIRACLE project are presented together with papers from relevant other researchers and published at one of the larger publishing houses. The research visit is founded by the Norwegain Research Council.
  • PhD student Alfredo Jornet is visiting Griffith University, in Brisbane (Australia) from 1st of July to the end of December 2012. The main purpose of the visit is to work together with professor Wolff-Michael Roth. Roth is a leading researcher in the learning sciences, and has huge experience in conducting ethnographic studies in a wide range of fields, including science learning, learning of mathematics and professional scientific practice. Roth and Jornet will togehter analyze video data recorded during trials arranged as part of the MIRACLE project, and together they will write up two publications to international journals as part of Jornet's research stay. The research visit is founded by the Norwegain Research Council.
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