Bubikova-Moan, J. (2017). Negotiating learning in early childhood: Narratives from migrant homes


The study investigates how parents of Polish ethnic background, resettled in Norway, reflect on their children's learning in Norwegian early years educational institutions through 19 qualitative interviews. With narratives of experience as the main theoretical and analytical vantage point, their negotiations of positioning towards the Norwegian educational practice are explored in the narrative worlds they construct, in the interactional context of the interview and in the wider socio-cultural contexts. While questioning, challenging and deliberating the observed practice through a variety of narrative formats and discursive means, their positions are shown to range from open contest to variable forms of ambivalence and acceptance, subject to thematic variation. The study thus provides a platform for the interviewed parents to orchestrate unique situated voices engaged in a discursive process of reflection on their children's new educational reality.


Publisert 31. mai 2017 15:01 - Sist endret 31. mai 2017 15:01