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The QUINT Nordic Centre of Excellence (NCoE) is coordinated by the Department of Teacher Education and School Research (ILS).

The management of the Centre puts a strong emphasis on the role of Theme Leaders to coordinate and develop its scientific and administrative activities.

The Centre Director is responsible for the overall scientific quality and progress of QUINT and has a strategic role in decisions on budget, resource allocations, project acquisitions, etc. She works closely with the Administrative Leader who has the main responsibility for the practical arrangements for the Summer Institutes, Annual Meetings and Conferences, the Mobility Program and contact with collaborating schools and teachers.  

Management Group

The Management Group consists of the Centre Director and Theme Leaders thus also representing all the eight partnering institutions.  Hence all Nordic countries are represented in this group that is responsible for the implementation of the proposed research, training and the detailed planning of the QUINT Summer Institutes and Seminars/Conferences.

The Management Group has a strategic function on the overall objectives, design, monitoring and review of the NCoE and includes representatives from all the partner institutions.

Programme Committe

The Programme Committee appointed by NordForsk, serves as an advising international body, facilitating scientific quality, progress and coherence.

Scientific Advisory Board

A Scientific Advisory Board is appointed by NordForsk in order to facilitate the best scientific progress and coherence of the Programme 'Education for Tomorrow' of which the QUINT centre is a part, by providing regular and structural advice. 

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