Workshop for PLATO coders

This workshop is for certified PLATO trained coders. 

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This workshop is one of the two short zoom meetings that are being held to replace the June conference in Iceland.  The goal of this meeting is to provide the coders who have conducted coding of QUINT videos with an opportunity to reflect on the process and discuss the challenges that arose during the coding process.  We hope this workshop will allow us to develop a deeper understanding of the affordances and limitations of using the PLATO instrument to understand teaching quality in the Nordic context.  As such, this workshop is for PLATO-certified raters who have engaged in some coding of QUINT videos.  To accomplish this goal, we aim to have as many PLATO certified raters participate as possible with a minimum goal of two raters per country.  Note that the second meeting will take part on the 4th of June, and will be open for all QUINT researchers interested in this topic. 

Registration is required (please contact the organisers).

Published May 5, 2020 11:49 AM - Last modified Aug. 2, 2021 10:09 AM