Webinar on video coding

The webinar is a follow up of the webinars held in June 2020, and will focus on selected issues related to video coding. 

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The goal of the day is to start a cross-country discussion of the unique features of instruction across subject areas.  To anchor this discussion in instruction that occurs in practice, we have all watched a common set of three videos.  The time we have will be structured as follows.  First, we will divide into groups by subject area.  These initial groups will focus on the unique features of instruction within each subject area, highlighting where these features are visible in the selected videos and where they are missing in the videos in the other subjects.  Does PLATO in any way account for these instructional practices?  We will then form breakout rooms with across subject areas to discuss across subjects what makes instruction unique in each subject with colleagues whose focus comes from a different didactic tradition.

We ask the participants review the three videos noted in the email before the start of the meeting (email Mark White for links to these videos).  We will be using PLATO as a framework for deeper discussions of instruction more broadly so we ask that participants, if possible, score the videos using PLATO using the following form: https://nettskjema.no/a/165298.  We look forward to an interesting and productive discussion.



  • 1200-1210 – Introduction by Mark White and Kirsti Klette
  • 1210-1230 – Brief summary of the lessons (by Mark White)
  • 1230-1310 – Breakout rooms by Subject
  • 1310-1400 – Breakout rooms across subjects


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