QUINT Annual PhD seminar

QUINT Annual PhD seminar will look into comparative ambitions related to the LISA Nordic data. 

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Tentative Agenda 

  1. Comparative ambitions in QUINT/ LISA Nordic. Challenges and possibilities (general introduction to challenges when comparing classroom data across countries/contexts)
  2. Comparative data available (overview of collected and scored LISA Nordic data so far (PLATO scores Finnish data still delayed due to Covid 19)
  3. Ways of handling comparisons – how comparable are the data with regards to:
    • Sampling
    • Conceptualizing Teaching Quality (e.g. PLATO manual)
    • Scoring procedures (soring errors/reliability)


Experiences from trying to compare form the LISA Nordic data (short input/ presentations from 2- 3 QUINT PhD Students)


Suggested reading:

Praetorius, A.-K., Rogh, W., Bell, C., & Klieme, E. (2019). Methodological challenges in conducting international research on teaching quality using standardized observations. In L. Suter, E. Smith, & B. D. Denman (Eds.) The SAGE handbook of comparative studies in education (pp. 269-288). London, United Kingdom: Sage.

Schweisfurth, M. (2019). Qualitative comparative education research: Perennial issues, new approaches and good practice. In L. Suter, E. Smith, & B. D. Denman (Eds.), The SAGE handbook of comparative studies in education (pp. 258-268). Los Angeles, Calif: Sage.

Cor, K. (2011). THE RELIABILTY OF PLATO Investigating the Reliability of Classroom Observation Protocols: The Case of PLATO. Working Paper, Stanford University School of Education.

More information will also be sent to the participants by email.

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