QUINT Observation System Seminar: May 2022

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Welcome to the QUINT Observation Systems Seminars (OBS seminars).  This series will discuss classroom observation systems as a tool for understanding and improving teaching quality.

This and upcoming OBS seminars are open for all interested parties.  We want it to become a meeting arena for scholars genuinely interested in observation systems and related issues. Therefore we recommend that you join our network by subscribing to the network mailing list. You must confirm your email address in the confirmation email you receive to complete signing up to the mailing list. 

If you are interested in presenting your research or have questions, please contact the organizer, QUINT Postdoctoral Fellow Mark White.


In this seminar, taking place on May 10th at 9am ET/ 15.00 CET,   Randi M. Sølvik, Grete S. Vaaland, and Sigrun K. Ertesvåg will be presenting work done on using the CLASS to promote teachers' self-observation. The title of the talk is Teachers’ self-observations in research and practice

Abstract: Providing high-quality professional development and learning opportunities to teachers is an important and long-standing challenge for schools worldwide. In this presentation, we reflect upon how observation systems, as for example Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS), can frame teachers’ self-observation and teacher coaching in practice and research. The presentation is based on the planned INTERACT intervention aiming to improve classroom interaction quality in Norwegian upper secondary school classrooms in order to enhance specific aspects of student outcome. The effect of the intervention will be studied through an RCT including 100 teachers and a class they teach. Seven ordinary lessons from each classroom will be video recorded during a school year and create the basis for digital coaching cycles with teachers, including teachers’ self-observations. Each coaching cycle targets specific aspects of the CLASS-S observation manual. A logic model is developed to identify change mechanisms expected to influence teachers’ up-take of the INTERACT intervention. Examples are knowledge and practice of CLASS dimensions, digital coaching, and empowering approaches. A less described element is teachers’ self-observations. Can we expect teachers to learn more from observations and coaching when providing them with dimensions, concepts, time, and technology to observe their own teaching? Which preconditions would be important for the teachers’ professional development and how could we best study their self-observations? We will present our preliminary arguments for teachers’ self-observations from the INTERACT study, and welcome feedback and reflections concerning further practice and research.

Bio: Randi Sølvik's Website.  Grete Vaaland's WebsiteSigrun Ertesvåg's Website.

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