QUINT Teaching Quality Webinar: Quality Literature Education

QUINT initiates a series of ‘study webinars’ focusing on the concept of teaching quality. This webinar is devoted to Quality and Comparisons in the QUALE project.

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QUINT finds it highly valuable to work towards a richer, and to a larger extent shared, theory-based understanding of the concept teaching quality. Indeed, a principal ambition of the QUINT Center, articulated in the application to NordForsk, is to contribute to theoretical development in research on teaching quality through an empirical integration of perspectives. So, while occupied with gathering extensive comparative data linked to several subprojects and bringing new PhD students and post docs into the project, we would also like to facilitate conversations among the QUINT researchers about the theoretical aspects of our joint research objective. For this purpose, we invite QUINT researchers to a series of study webinars in which we explore and discuss theoretical aspects of teaching quality linked to the design of the QUINT subprojects. The aim is to develop an interdisciplinary and applicable understanding of the theoretical lenses with which we investigate teaching quality.

Webinar #3: Quality and Comparisons in the QUALE project

This webinar focuses on the Quality Literature Education (QUALE) project within QUINT. The ambition is to learn more about the way QUALE conceptualizes teaching quality from a subject-specific Language arts/L1 perspective. QUALE is informed by prior research in the KiDM project, which focused on inquiry-based literature education, as presented in one of the two articles by Hansen et al. attached to this webinar.

Quality Literature Education (QUALE)

Quality Literature Education (QUALE) is a small-scale qualitative intervention project exploring an inquiry-based approach to literature education in Language Arts education across Nordic borders.

In QUALE, the KiDM program theory is recontextualized into a Nordic comparative design. Focusing on comparative designs, the second article by Ligozat et al. attached to the webinar raises the methodological question of how to do and justify comparisons of research in multiple school cases across Nordic countries. This question is relevant for all QUINT sub-projects.

Discussion points

  1. What are the basic theoretical underpinnings of the KiDM project, as explained in the Hansen et al. article?
  2. How is the KiDM program theory going to be recontextualized into the QUALE design?
  3. What are the premises for doing comparative educational research, as explained in the Ligozat et al. article?
  4. How are theoretical underpinnings linked to data generation and analysis?
  5. What are the losses and gains of investigating teaching quality the way QUALE plans to do it?


Moderators: Professor Nikolaj Elf and Professor Michael Tengberg

Hosted by the project QUALE

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This webinar is limited to researchers at QUINT.

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