QUINT Teaching Quality Webinar: Quality in Culturally Diversed Classrooms (QuiCC)

This webinar is for present and prospective participants on the new project within Theme 1 "Teaching Quality" of the QUINT, which will focus on the issue of quality in the multilingual Nordic classrooms.

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The main aim of the webinar is to formulate the aim and outline the future work of this particular project within QUINT (Theme 1: Teaching Quality), which will focus on multilingualism in Nordic classrooms.

The project and the webinar will be led by professor     
Hermína Gunnþórsdóttir

Guest/Discussant: Renata Emilsson Pesková (University of Iceland)

  Time in respective countries
- Introduction of the group and the agenda (by Hermína Gunnþórsdóttir). 1200-1210 1000-1010 1300-1310
- Discussing the memo from the meeting 2 March 1210-1230 1010-1030 1310-1330
- Input from Renata Emilsson Pesková. 1230-1300 1030-1100 1330-1400
 - Break 1300-1315 1100-1115 1400-1415
- Discussions 1315-1345 1115-1145 1415-1445

- Round up and planning for next steps

1345-1400 1145-1200 1445-1500


*The memo has been distributed to existing group members. New members will get the memo after having contacted the group leader, see below.

Those of you who wish to contribute to the discussion and join the group, please inform the group leader professor Hermína Gunnþórsdóttir (a copy will be sent to QUINT Administrative Leader Katerina Houben) as soon as possible and before the 4th of May. 

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