LISA Nordic Scores data

LISA Nordic Scores data is now available for the QUINT researchers. 

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Photo: Photo illustration: LISA Nordic Iceland: Class situation. Credit: Astrid Roe


LISA Nordic Scores data is now available for QUINT affiliated researchers.

Linking Instruction and Student Achievement in Nordic Schools (LISA Nordic) is a large-scale video study, investigating the quality of teaching in Nordic classrooms. The project is set in lower secondary school (grades 7–9 in Sweden, Denmark and Finland and grades 8 – 10 in Norway and Iceland), targeting instruction in language arts, mathematics, and social science in all the five Nordic countries.

Types of data

The following types of LISA scores data is now available for the project participants:

  • PLATO scores and Log data scores (activity format, learning resources, content domain)
  • Student perception survey scores
  • Teacher background data
  • School background data

Access and share policies

Access to the data collections are provided only to registered users who have accepted the terms and conditions. Users who obtain access to the data must adhere to all terms and conditions, including the following guidelines

  • Do not share data with anyone who has not gone through the formal process of registering to access to the data.
  • Ensure that the means of access to the data (such as passwords) are kept secure and not disclosed to anyone else.
  • Use the correct methods of citation and acknowledgement in publications.
    "Data were (partly) provided by the QUINT Nordic Center of Excellence, funded by NordForsk, project nr.87663"
  • Send the QUINT Administration bibliographic details of any published work based on the LISA Nordic data collections
  • Notify the QUINT Administration of any errors discovered in the data collections

Instructions for accessing data 


  • QUINT affiliation (either an active member or associated)
  • Completion of application form
  • Access to Microsoft Teams is required to access the data
  • PLATO training is required to access the PLATO scores


  • Fill out the application form. Note that only PLATO certified or trained researchers will be granted access to the PLATO scores. 

Application Form

  • Project coordinator University of Oslo/ QUINT Data Manager Head Engineer Bjørn Gulheim will review request and decide whether to grant permission and under which terms or conditions.
  • You will be notified by email when the access has been granted.
  • Upon being granted access in Teams, download and store the files locally. Do not make any amendments in the original files in the common folders in Teams.  


QUINT Data Manager, Bjørn Sverre Gulheim, University of Oslo

LISA Nordic Study Principal Investigator, Kirsti Klette, University of Oslo

QUINT Administrative Leader, Maria Dikova, University of Oslo

Published Apr. 7, 2021 2:29 PM - Last modified Apr. 29, 2021 9:04 AM