QUICC Webinar: Culturally diverse and plurilingual students in Nordic Classrooms

This webinar is limited to the participants of the QUICC project.

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Zoom link: https://uio.zoom.us/j/69996348140 (Oslo local time)

The QUICC project (Quality in Culturally Diverse Classrooms) aims to explore what constitutes quality in teaching in relation to culturally diverse and plurilingual students in Nordic classrooms.

At the webinar the project will look at selected videos from QUINT projects.

Discussion points

  • How are teachers making use of multiple languages that students bring to the classroom as their mother tongue? 
  • How are multiple languages presented by teachers in the classroom? 
  • How are plurilingual students supported in their learning? 
  • What does scaffolding mean in multicultural classrooms?
  • How does the classroom environment stimulate the student as a language learner (additional language)?
Published Apr. 21, 2021 1:59 PM - Last modified May 27, 2021 3:31 PM